Today's world is covered in a vast network, and massive amounts of data that flow through our bodies on a per second basis. Can we augment ourselves and leverage that data to make life more interesting or meaningful? How does privacy take a role in this?

As people incorporate themselves, run algorithms on stock trading and implement chips under their skin, can we create something that is a perfect blend between a performance, installation and realtime data visualisation? We set out to create experiments, trying to blend all of the above.



Kees is a digital solutionist, crafting products and things that revolve around moving images or interactive products, for advertising agencies and production companies.

Being a visually oriented person, he is responsible for the design and interactive side of this project.


Joost is a data strategist, and helps people discover data and the Quantified Self. Trying experimental models data visualisations and strategy based on feedback loops and processes.

He is the brains and code behind this project, and builds the system that controls and shapes the end result.


We have already been part of several events where we performed with earlier versions of our platform. For the past two years we have developed the technology furtherto build a more stable version.

We were part in the Coded Matters: Extended Senses Exhibit, where we showcased a non-interactive example of how data could enhance experiences we go through. We gave a presentation about the history of our project, and the next steps we are going to take.

Above you can see glimpses of our platform at Fiber Festival in 2012, where we performed live and interacted with live data sources like brainwaves from visitors, and other installations that broadcasted data.

Fiber Festival
Lev Kaupas


The past few years, we have thoroughly tested several platforms and connections to build our technology on. We have developed a routing system on a NodeJS server. We can input nearly any data source from a live stream, from raw CSV, brainwaves, audio, and transitions in the stock market.

We output our signals in OSC. This universal standard is seen as the new MIDI, and has a reliable signal, not to mention, you can broadcast this over WebSockets to nearly anywhere.

This allows us to connect with apps like Unity, TouchDesigner, VDMX, Resolume Avenue, Traktor and/or Ableton.

process gif animation